January 19, 2024 Week in Review

Heather Wendt
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January 19, 2024

How in the work is January already half-way over? I swear it was just yesterday that we celebrated the changing of the year!

Gain Grow Retain continues to focus on Events, Best Practices, and Content that inspires, and this weekly wrap up helps make sure you are in the know.

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🗨️ GGR CS Leadership Office Hours

The GGR Leadership Office Hours are a great way to connect with your peers through conversations about leading CS topics.

Our 2024 schedule is now available here, and our next meetup is Thursday, January 25th.

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👨‍🎓 Building a Complete Customer Community Webinar

January 23rd, 1pm ET

Wondering whether community can make a difference? Regardless of your department, a well-crafted community can have a positive impact on your org.

Join us as we bring in Deborara Seys and Diane Yuen to share the innovative community programs implemented at Alation. These programs have transformed their customer community into a vibrant, cross-functional asset.

What You'll Learn

  • Key strategies to build a community in alignment with business goals
  • How to help every department engage in your community efforts
  • Real-world examples of successful initiatives from Alation

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Best Practices (Conversations)

Check out some of the great conversations happening on GGR. Click the title to see what your peers are chatting about and share your insights!

Triggers for Non-Telemetry customers?

@AshleyGarza123 kicks off this conversation by asking for insights into non-product using customers. Share your thoughts on this process and the methods you use to identify and engage with them.

Kicking Off New Digitial CS Program

Digital CS is becoming more and more important to support and engage customers even with limited personnel. @Garrett_Mesa asks for some help in working to build a new program in his organization. What are some ways you are making this transition?

Looking for HubSpot CS expertise

Email is a vital part of the CS process, and having a strong email tool is important. @Andrew Shoaff asks for some insights into how to set up Hubspot for his team. Any CS/Hubspot experts out here who can help?


📃 Blog

Mastering Transition: A guide on the art of seamless transitions

Arjun Menon, Principal Success Manager at Salesforce shares some insights in overcoming the challenge of taking over a new account as an enterprise CSM. This practical article shares some must-do's from research (what should you be focusing on here?) to mapping out your goals with each customer so you have a focus, to the importance of identifying champions and detractors.

A reminder that you bring an expertise and fresh perspective that will only add to the experience, and that feedback is a gift, not something to avoid.

The successful transition of an account is going to be due to a strategic and proactive approach.

Read the blog post here

Community Update

Did you know almost all of our content is User Generated? That means it comes from people like you who are working in the CS space day in and day out.

Are you interested in becoming a contributor?

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