Feedback for the number of touches post go-live

Ashley Wagner
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Hi All!

I am putting together our post-go-live process for customers. Once they are done onboarding, when should we connect? Here is something I put together, quickly. Working back down from 360 days. 

365 days - Sign the contract
310 - Done with onboarding
295 - Post-Go-Live Review
265 - NPS 
260- Check-In, Stats, Success Metrics
180 - NPS
176 -Check-In, Stats, Success Metrics
90 -NPS
85 - Check-In, Stats, Success Metrics, Continue for another year? 
60 - Confirmed renewal for contracted and non-contracted renewal
0 - Signed contract (non-contract) or confirmation on contracted renewal.

Would love your thoughts!


  • Surendranath
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    Hi Ashley,

    I would like to answer this from a slightly different perspective, hope it would be okay.

    Firstly, the touchbases/meetings are mostly directly proportional to the $ value (primarily) of the client, followed by how escalated the customer is, risk percentage, and whitespace opportunities available.

    We usually qualify customers based on above into high-touch, moderate, and low-touch bands (not exact terms).

    High-touch customers (usually higher $value) - regular QBR's, Bi-annual or Annual review meetings, and for some monthly meetings as well.

    Otherwise, as you already mentioned, the discussions for renewal would usually start 1-3 quarters prior to the renewal dates. (again depending upon the $ value, risk/health, and other factors).

    Hope it make sense.

    Moderate - QBR's or Annual review meetings
    Low-touch - Annual or Bi-annual review meeting

    Ofcourse, the purpose and stakeholders of each meeting would be different - Monthly meetings would be mostly tactical level with admins. QBR's would involve next level managers, and annual reviews are meant for goal settings, strategy review with CXO's and decision makers.