Finding Local Community as a Remote Employee

Nathan Petersen
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Hey Everyone, 

Offices are opening back up! Soon those in-person meetings and the after-work "happy hours" will start again. But for many of us who took remote employment; during or before Covid-19, these social interactions aren't going to be a viable option for physically rubbing elbows with people in and around the CS industry. And it doesn't look like in-person CS conferences are anywhere on the near horizon.

So, I'm curious what are remote employees doing to stay in a local (physical) community?


  • Mike Green
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    As primarily remote + travel, I've started going back to coworking spaces at least 1/2 times a week.  CS/tech or not, I find any interaction with most other employees that are at a coworking space to be +1 type of converations.

    I use Deskpass (doesn't look like GR has anything for them, but oddly enough South Haven does.. what a pleasant summer town I recall) and float around a few coworking spots in town that have a decent comraderie/ in, its normal to just chat about your work/non-work/etc at the coffee... or, usually a few folks have a beer towards the end of the day and chat on the roof, etc.

    FWIW, I tried remote/virtual MeetUps and it was pretty rough... Spending time on video after working all day on video calls was exhausting. Meetups here (in Denver) are starting to open back up to in person, luckily.