Sales and Client Services responsibilities

Jay Gorga
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Hi there,

My business runs and delivers B2B demand generation campaigns for some of the biggest tech companies in the world. Right now our sole revenue stream is a Cost Per Lead (CPL) model, where each campaign/project typically runs for around three months. The competition is fierce, however, we regularly get feedback that our lead conversion rates are the highest in the industry.

The sales team are solely responsibly for generating revenue from new logos. Once the new logo signs up, we introduce our CS team who work alongside Sales to ensure the campaign is delivering on pace and to a high quality. At the moment, it is the sales person who then gets recognised and rewarded/compensated for the resign/expansion of the account, despite a significant amount of help and input from not only the CS team, but also the Delivery team (team that ensures the leads reach the client on time). 

We are in the process of hiring a Commercial Director who will oversee the Sales and Client Services function and be responsible for revenue (retention, expansion and new logo) and my questions are:

1) CS have a significant role to play in Retention Revenue? Would you set CS a "retained revenue" target/kpi for each account they work on, and should they be compensated/commissioned (perhaps a quarterly bonus) if this target is hit?

2) Alongside Sales, CS have a role to play in Expansion Revenue - in your experience how would a CS rep be compensated or rewarded for expansion revenue?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the above!