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Hello !!! Hope everyone is having a great Easter and enjoying the weekend! ?
I'm reaching out to the community to see if anyone would be so kind to share with me an email template for Low-touch renewals?

I have quarterly renewals coming up and we still do not have a process (or template) in place for renewals, I have some ideas already of how to implement an email template for scale, but I want to validate this with the community. I know renewals is all about validating the value you have delivered in the past and making sure we will keep delivering value in the future. What else should this email template include? 

Appreciate the help!!

Have a great Sunday!


  • Ashna Patel
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    Hi @Erika Villarreal 

    Great questions! 

    We have templates (Cadences) based on our product & renewal timelines but It is something I have been working on and honing hard for the past few years and have a pretty good grasp on it. NOTE- I feel like this would differ from business to business & I would love to discuss more specific to your business vs how we do renewals to provide a better idea on this! 

    Although here are some pointers I keep in mind, 
    • Thanking them for thier business so far
    • Confirming point of contacts (If needed)
    • Validating the value being delivered to them & continue to deliver going forward (like you mentioned)
    • Feedback - whether good or bad, always ask for feedback
    • Take this time to plan out the upcoming year (if its an annual contract)
    • And more!! 
    Depending on the type of product, the number of customers you have, and other factors- I think including renewal options can be included in the 1st or following email. I hate including $$ in my first interaction but sometimes (especially for At scale clients, you have to) 

    We also have cadences scheduled for renewal which triggers (through SalesLoft) emails on confirmed days & depending on the responses we get, I also like to take them off of the cadence & discuss renewal over a call if possible. Again, might differ from business to business & how you have your renewal cycles setup but that's just a few tips based on our processes. Happy to discuss more if needed :) 

    Happy Easter BTW & Happy Sunday :)
  • Clint Kelson
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    Hi Erika, 

    We recently put an email template together to work with our ever expanding low touch customer base. Due to the fact we do not have regular scheduled calls with these customers and our Account Executive owns the renewal piece itself, we use this as an opportunity to intro them and ask some questions. We've jumped on calls due to some responses from customers that we were able iron things out and get them in a good spot for their renewal. We like to keep the email short - something we hope they'll read/skim and at about 90 days out. 

    Hello [Admin/s],

    We hope this email finds you well. As your renewal approaches on [DATE], we want to introduce you to [AE NAME], who is your Account Executive and will be managing your renewal. In preparation for that, we have a couple quick questions:

    • If not you, will you please provide us the best contact for renewal correspondence?
    • Is there anything that would be impacting your consideration of renewing?
    • Is there anything we can do to help improve your experience?
    • Are you looking to make any adjustments to your renewal (increase licenses, upgraded support, new features)?

    Please let us know and we look forward to hearing back from you soon.

    This can always be improved so I'm open to any suggestions anyone else may offer as well. Thanks!

  • Erika Villarreal
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    Thankssss so much @Ashna Patel for this well thought message!! I'm glad to see that your points actually match my current template, meaning I'm going in the right direction! Appreciate very much you sharing this with me! I'm going to add to my current template the feedback section as I feel this would be super valuables and great touchpoint to get customer validation! Let you know how it turns out! Thanks!
  • Erika Villarreal
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    Thanks so much Clint!! This is super helpful!! My email right now is going this way, if it helps the community:

    Hi {Contact: First name},

    Thank you for being a part of the "Company's" family! Can you believe it's been almost XX months since you signed up? I hope you've been able to enjoy all of the benefits of "Company" so far and we're looking forward to continuing our partnership well into the future.

    When you signed up, our promise was that our software will help you streamline your whole operation. So far, we've been able to:

    - Value provided 1
    - Value provided 2
    - Value provided 3 (remember its always about delivering value)

    In "Company", we're all about helping you become a more profitable "business" and we would love to continue to help in any way possible. If there are any questions regarding our renewal process, don't hesitate to reach out. 

    Adding: Feedback as suggested by Ashna. This is my current template, if it helps someone else!

    Thanks again for choosing "Company Name!! ?

    Sender: First Name