Ed-tech Accessibility Consultant?

Abbey Byrne
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So this is slightly off-topic, but it doesn't hurt to ask! I know some of you work for smaller companies (like me) and may have to wear a lot of hats and end up with some "kitchen sink" responsibilities. I have owned accessibility for the past five years, updating our VPAT, creating accessibility roadmaps, and working with our dev team to ensure compliance. I'm not an expert in this area and I'm finding that as we work with more and more higher-ed clients, the paperwork is taking too much time away from me.

Does anyone have experience working with an accessibility consultant or something similar? We don't need an audit. What we really need help with is taking audit findings and translating that into change requests that make sense to my development team. I would also be interested in any resources for our designers/developers that would help them better understand accessibility concepts, so that we are not having to remediate so often.